CacheFlow– Half the Bandwidth and Save more cost


cache imageThe Blue Coat CacheFlow appliance is a high-performance web caching solution designed to help service providers save significantly on bandwidth and accelerate the delivery of rich Web 2.0 content, including video. CacheFlow easily scales to support more users and greater traffic volumes over time, plus provides built-in tools for web traffic reporting and filtering to protect users.

With CacheFlow, you don’t have to keep buying expensive bandwidth to meet performance goals. Using CacheFlow, you can dramatically cut infrastructure costs and deliver a more responsive web experience.

And with the patent-pending CachePulse technology, customers can be confident the CacheFlow solution will sustain high bandwidth savings and user experience gains over the long haul. CachePulse tracks the ever-changing web, so as new sites emerge or popular sites change how they deliver content, new caching rules and instruction updates are automatically delivered from the CachePulse cloud to the CacheFlow appliance.


Save on Bandwidth and Backhaul

By caching content in-region and closer to the subscribers, CacheFlow drastically reduces bandwidth consumption. CacheFlow typically demonstrates a 40% savings on general web traffic, while savings with dedicated content caching deployment scan approach 90%. This translates into a rapid return on investment and significant long-term cost savings for service providers on international bandwidth, and reduces backhaul traffic on domestic links. By better conserving and optimizing bandwidth with caching, customers are better positioned to serve more users, deliver enhanced next generation services and better leverage existing network investments without costly upgrades.

Speed Delivery of Rich Web 2.0

Content and Video CacheFlow can cache and speed the delivery of popular Web 2.0 content from sites including Facebook, YouTube, Netflix and Rapid Share. It can also address large file downloads from Microsoft, Adobe and Apple. In testing, CacheFlow on average delivers a 2-10x increase in web response times, and for larger objects like video, the user experience gain can be even greater. With CacheFlow, service even address content served from dynamically-generated URLs and content marked as non-cache able. In addition, the CacheFlow appliance validatescontent freshness before serving thatcontent to the end-user guaranteeingconsistency with the origin server


Ensure Long-term Caching Effectiveness

CacheFlow leverages Blue Coat CachePulse™ for automatic, network based updates as the web changes, to ensure the appliance effectively caches content and consistently delivers the highest possible bandwidth savings and improvement in user experience. Customers can contribute new and emerging sites in their region directly into the CachePulse community to share the benefits of caching. CachePulse also employs an automated heartbeat mechanism for real-time feedback on changes in popular web content to furtherspeed caching rule andinstruction updates.

Filter and Secure Web Traffic

By purchasing a license and enabling the built-in Blue CoatWebFilter™ option, CacheFlow filters and secures web traffic,including blocking undesirable content and malware sites.Blue Coat WebFilter benefits from the power of the Blue Coat WebPulse™ collaborative cloud defense, which leverages nearly 100 million users, supports more than 50 languages, and provides nearly 10 billion real-time Web content ratings per day. CacheFlow also allows service providers to create customized exception and block lists for specific sites, and leverage the Internet Watch Foundation list to block illegal content.

Manage and Report on Web Traffic

CacheFlow provides intuitive, web basedmanagement console andcommand-line tools for administeringthe appliance, monitoring its performance, and reporting in real-time on bandwidth savings. Detailed web analytics are available to allow service providers to gain greater visibility on web traffic and usage patterns, which can be valuable information for marketing or for determining future content and advertising partnerships. In addition, Blue Coat has partnered with Splunk on a CacheFlow specific application to address more advanced log analysis and reporting requirements. For ongoing monitoring, health checks and reporting on key performance metrics, CacheFlow integrates via SNMP with common network managementsolutions and supports event logging via syslog. For customers with large cache farms,CacheGroup™ is available for simple, multi-device management and configuration.

Flexible Deploymentand Scaling with Increased Traffic

CacheFlow is designed for demanding service provider environments and a single device can handle multi-gigabit throughput. For larger deployments and scalability to hundreds of gigabits, multiple CacheFlow devices can be deployed in cache farms. CacheFlow offers 1Gig and both 10Gig copper and fiber interfaces for high-speed network requirements and tight integration with existing infrastructure. This includes integration with routers from Cisco and Juniper, as well as, load-balancing switches from A10 Networks, Brocade,Citrix, F5 Networks and Radware.Over time, customers can easily accommodate more users and traffic simply by adding more appliances or building content-specific cache farms. CacheFlow can be deployed in a number of different ways including in-line and out-of-band depending on the customer’s requirements. Additional deployment flexibility is provided by CacheFlow’s support of both AC and DC power supply options.



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