Call Center Software for Improved Management and Service

Call center software solutions are built to help optimize your contact center performance through improved customer service and efficiency.The advantages of such solution is that it bridge the gap between traditional ACDs and IP infrastructures, integrating voice, chat, e-mail, and Web collaboration applications. This allows your organization to maintain current investments in call center products such as ACDs, IVRs, and PBXs while taking advantage of the wide range of other solutions.

There are many call center software solutions from different vendors (OEMs) that can be used to optimize your contact center performance.Call center software from Cisco  is one of the best software that allows any company to manage their customer interactions based on almost any contact attribute.

Call center software from Cisco offers a combination of multichannel contact management, intelligent routing, and network-to-desktop computer telephony integration (CTI) capabilities to improve management throughout the call center. With the Cisco Unified Intelligent Contact Management Enterprise, you’ll have a scalable solution that enables dynamic customer interactions.

Advantages Of Cisco Call Center Software 

1. Better Management Across Multiple Channels

Call center software from Cisco enables you to integrate traditional inbound and outbound voice applications with Internet applications such as real-time chat, Web collaboration, and e-mail. This integration enables a single agent to support multiple interactions simultaneously, regardless of which communications channel the customer has chosen.

2. Powerful Capabilities for Enhanced Customer Contact

Call center software from Cisco provides solutions that help manage customer interactions and route them based on almost any contact attribute. Here are just a few of the powerful capabilities offered by Cisco Unified Intelligent Contact Management Enterprise:

  • Virtualize contact center routing, reporting, and computer telephony integration across third-party automatic call distribution (ACD) and interactive voice response (IVR) systems
  • Interface with carriers’ networks for pre-routing and delegation of calls targeted to one or more contact centers
  • Segment customers and monitor resource activity and availability
  • Deliver each contact to the most appropriate resource anywhere in the enterprise
  • Profile each customer using contact-related data, such as dialed number and calling line ID
  • Assign the most appropriate resources to meet a customer’s needs based on real-time conditions (such as agent skills, availability, and queue lengths)

Features Of The Cisco Call  Center Software 

1.  Cisco Unified E-Mail Interaction Manager

2. Cisco Unified Web Interaction Manager

3. Cisco Outbound Option

4. IVR integration

5. Carrier-class distributed fault tolerance

6. Mission-critical contact center reporting

7. Cisco Unified Communications Services and Support

Understanding Your Business Challenges

Royal Coast Technologies Limited has the vertical and industry know-how to tailor solutions that take into account relevant market considerations such as government regulations around customer outreach.We are expert when it comes to  designing and deploying a contact center solution that keep your clients loyal and revenues climbing for your company.We don’t overlook even the smallest detail when automating and fine-tuning fundamental business processes in your contact center and across the enterprise to ensure consumer engagements run smoothly and efficiently.

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