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Digital marketing is in constant flux and buyer behaviour changes on almost a daily basis. We created our digital methodology to deliver campaigns at a rapid pace that keep our clients protected against Google’s updates and way ahead of their competitors. At Royal Coast Technologies, we start by segmenting audiences into buyer personas, then looking at their conversion journey from awareness, to consideration and purchase. As a part of our digital marketing services, we develop creative strategies to grow new customer acquisition fast through integrating SEO, PPC, social media, content and more.

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING SERVICES: Social media is everywhere; it is a powerful tool that is in everyone’s hand, pocket and handbag!
Social media marketing involves developing and driving website traffic or attention through social media marketing. When we talk or hear about social media marketing most people think of Twitter and Facebook, but it’s much more than that. At Royal Coast Technologies, we will help you develop your social media marketing strategy; identifying the correct platform and networks, so that you can keep control. Alternatively, if you do not have the time or manpower to do so in-house, the experienced team at Royal Coast Technologies can manage all your social media marketing for you
Our social media marketing service will help you identify what matters most to your business and focussing on maximizing the correct channels with the correct content to grow and expand your business.

Our bespoke social media marketing services are tailored to whether you want hands-on training or social media management, and may include:
– Strategic Social Media Marketing Plans.
– Social Media Marketing.
– Social Media Copywriting, Posting and Engagement.
– Social Media Monitoring.
– Brand Competitor Benchmarking.
– Social Media Management Services.
– Social Media Campaigns and Promotions.

Search engine optimization is about being visible. We are entering a complex new era where users search for content across a multitude of devices and the connections they make through social networks are key to both finding, and evaluating that content. It’s critical to have a comprehensive natural search strategy that utilizes search engines and digital promotions to position your content in front of potential customers as well as influences within their social circles. SEO isn’t just an accompaniment to online marketing-It is online marketing. No true progress is made by treating SEO and online marketing as separate entities, which is why we become fully immersed in your marketing strategy before we create any keyword, content and link strategies, no matter what kind of site you have or industry you are in. We believe the best digital marketing strategies are the most connected ones so we integrate SEO with a wide range of digital marketing disciplines to help consumers find your brand or product, driving interactions and conversions. Building upon our strong data collection and analysis, we ingrain PR, social media and content creation into all our strategies to maximize campaign effectiveness.
– Keyword strategy
– Link strategy
– Local and Geographical SEO
– Content strategy
– Ecommerce SEO
– Research and Analysis: Understanding you and scrutinizing your competitors is a prerequisite of every SEO campaign. Our tactical preparation comprises research and analysis into your business objectives, your main competitors, their main traffic sources and their overall search performance to identify exactly where you stand in your industry.
– Keyword Strategy: The first thing we do is a thorough understanding of you, your audience and your industry allow us to recognize and categorize the keywords that will be most fruitful for your business. Our smart approach to SEO means that we can manage and monitor our efforts with greater accuracy and, thus, provide you with quicker and better results.
– Link Strategy: It is no longer a case of building a high quantity of links, we focus more on placing high quality links. We emphasize the human aspect of online search to bring you closer to your target audience by locating, creating and utilizing your most likable assets that are in line with your overall marketing strategy.
– Content Strategy: Getting people to like you doesn’t just apply to social media; it’s vital to your whole online presence. The content we create not only generates social, natural and ethical links, but it also enhances the authority and public image of your brand because it is produced by diversely trained writers.
– Reporting and Evaluation: Tracking and testing is vital to the success of any online marketing campaign. SEO is a cyclic activity, so we pride ourselves on detailed reporting and evaluation that gets to the heart of the performance and energizes the constant optimization of your campaign.

PAY PER CLICK SERVICES: Pay per click (PPC) has been through some major changes recently. Google Adwords has overhauled how it works, Bing has stepped up their game and new social advertising platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are muscling in to make PPC a huge opportunity for brands. At Royal Coast Technologies, our Pay-Per-Click offering has a firm focus on delivering more conversions for less spend. We do this by applying simple principles to your campaign in a fusion of on page relevance, Ad quality and keyword optimization. By identifying improvements in even the most established PPC campaigns, we create efficiencies that consistently drive down cost per acquisition and increase overall conversions. Continuous optimization is at the forefront of everything we do, so we work in unison with our dedicated teams to recommend and implement improvements that will ensure you always get the most out of your money.
– Campaign Analysis
– Keyword and Ad Grouping
– Demographic and Geographic Targeting
– Ad Creative.
– CRO Audit
– Tracking and Testing
– Bid Management

CONTENT MARKETING SERVICES: We deliver a service that builds communities, inspires engagement and ultimately increases rankings, by working with you to create the content that your audience wants and needs to see so that your brand can flourish in a digital survival of the fittest.
At Royal Coast Technologies, we start by segmenting your audiences into buyer personas, then developing your brand tone of voice so that it resonates with the people you want to reach. We then map your end-to-end customer journey to see where the current gaps in your content strategy are and create content that turns browsers into buyers.
Our bespoke content creation and marketing services are tailored to your brands needs and website requirements, and may include:
– Content Marketing Strategy
– Content Audit
– Buyer Persona Research
– Editorial Calendar Planning
– Brand Tone of Voice Development
– Website and SEO Copywriting


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