f5 BIG-IP LOCAL TRAFFIC MANAGER – Streamline Application Delivery for an Agile Infrastructure

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Your network’s job is to deliver applications and services, but as your business needs change and growth, it becomes more complex and more expensive for infrastructure to keep up with these demands.

BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager (LTM) turns your network into an agile infrastructure for application delivery. It’s a full proxy between users and application servers, creating a layer of abstraction to secure, optimize, load balance application traffic. This gives you the flexibility and control to add application performance, and meet your security requirements.

Key Benefits

Plan for growth and avoid downtime

With BIG-IP LTM, you get the industry’s most advanced load balancing and application health monitoring capabilities. BIG-IP LTM enables you to seamlessly add physical or virtual servers and redirect traffic away from issues with specific servers or network components. Industry-leading performance ensures your business has room to grow.

Secure your applications and data

From powerful network and protocol-level security to application attack filtering, BIG-IP LTM deploys a suite of security services to protect your most precious resources-the applications that run your business. Protocol, message, and application firewall add-on modules offer advanced security.

Accelerate your applications up to 3x

BIG-IP LTM reduces traffic volumes and minimizes the effect of client connection bottlenecks as well as WAN, LAN, and internet latency to improve application performance up to 3x. You can achieve additional application performance increases with BIG-IP Web Accelerator.

Reduce servers, bandwidth, and management costs

Advanced TCP connection management, TCP optimization, and server offloading  which enables you to optimize the utilization of your existing infrastructure—tripling server capacity and reducing bandwidth costs by up to 80 percent. BIG-IP LTM helps you simplify system management by consolidating security, acceleration, and availability in one easy-to-manage platform. By using fewer servers, less bandwidth, less power, and less cooling, while reducing the time spent time managing your infrastructure, you can significantly reduce your operational costs.

Take control over application delivery

The F5 TMOS platform gives you complete control of the connection, packets, and payload for applications. Using F5’s event-driven iRules,  you can customize how you intercept, inspect, transform, and direct inbound and outbound application traffic. The F5 iControl® API makes it easy to integrate with third-party management systems.


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