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Pay per click (PPC) marketing is a one of the tools of search engine marketing. It is a ‘colleague’ of search Engine Optimization. Pay per click means everything by its words. Pay for every click you get on the search engine. Simply put as a paid search result. The alternative to paid search is organic search built around search engine optimization (SEO). So why is pay per click marketing a smart way, even why you have to pay? Should it not be that SEO is smarter than PPC? The analysis below would guide the business owner on the reasons to go for PPC. Oops, just a reminder pay per click is not limited to search engines. It is also applicable to display advert networks run by Google, Bing, Facebook, yahoo, LinkedIn, Ad dynamo and other marketing platforms. Just that this article is focused on the search engine part of PPC

Pay per click can guarantee instant web site visitors.

They ability to pay for the top spot is what guarantees the visibility of a business advert on search engine. Pay per click involves a bidding process where businesses try to get the available advert slots on the search engine result page. The process is typically straight forward for beginners. The basic steps are summarized as follows:

Select a search engine platform for the ppc campaign

There are two major search engine platforms that accept adverts. They are the Google Adwords and Bing Ads. So you may want to start with Google Adwords then export your campaigns into Bing Ads. Either of the platforms would get you traffic. Once you select the ppc platform, you would need to sign up for accounts. For google adwords sign up or Bing ads sign up
Each of these platforms has helpful resources to help you get started. Here are some of the links and

Starting advert PPC campaign

The focal points of all ppc adverts are the targeting keywords, display adverts (what viewers would see on the search results) and the landing page that the viewers would get to when they click on the advert. The better you are managing these factors the stronger the effect of your ppc campaign. I would also advise that you start conversion tracking as early as possible in your campaign. This would let you know if you getting the expected results soonest.
The ability to start a campaign and get found as soon as the advert is approved is what makes it smart. It allows your message get to the audience as soon as possible via ppc. Seo would require time and sometime would never find its way to the front page.
At this stage let me allow you to get started with the startup links provided above, while I prepare for the next series of articles. Please do not forget to share this article if you find it helpful or drop your comment or questions.

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