Today’s most successful businesses use technology to build closer relationships with their
customers. In this connected world, speed is valued above all. But the speed of business and the
speed of IT are at odds. Under the traditional model, IT can only work so fast. Challenged to
keep pace with the business, IT departments are embracing the agility of hybrid cloud.
Get ready to provide IT as a service with an EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Starter Solution. Use
private and public cloud resources. Scale up as your business demands. This software-defined
solution uses VMware vRealize Suite to enable self-service provisioning of cloud resources,
automate cloud operations, and support show back and chargeback.
EMC ViPR Software-Defined Storage integrates with VMware and automates storage
provisioning and management in your private cloud.
This solution includes:
●VMware vRealize Suite cloud management platform
●EMC ViPR software
●EMC VNX5600 hybrid storage array
●EMC PowerPath/VE software for storage multipathing and load balancing
●EMC Storage Analytics software for visualizing and managing relationships between
EMC storage and VMware VMs
●EMC IT Transformation Workshop to help you prioritize next steps for delivering IT as a
●EMC Cloud Acceleration Education that includes a 5 day onsite workshop (12 students)
and 400 prepaid Education Training Units for on-demand access to courses
This EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Starter Solution is sized for up to 1,000 virtual machines and
easily customizes for your environment. Need to support thousands of VMs? Contacts us to build
a customized @ Royal Coast Technologies Ltd.

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