Replace Blue Coat ProxySG with Microsoft Threat Management Gateway (TMG)


royal coast banner (1)blue coatFighting Web-based malware has become a 24/7 battle. The continuous theft of information, security breaches and data loss incidents initiated by this type of malware are forcing organizations to ramp up their defenses. Web security gateways are seen as a network’s best layer of defense against this type of threat. Many provide real-time analysis of web pages and scripts, point-of-click protection and integrated data loss prevention. Marketing hype however can make it difficult to understand how they actually work and decide which features you really need.

Web security gateways, which provide integrated URL filtering, anti-malware protection and application controls, are becoming a popular choice, but how does a company choose which product is the best fit for their needs?

Replace Microsoft Threat Management Gateway with ProxySG

For organizations that rely on TMG for web proxy services, Blue Coat’s market-leading ProxySG is the ideal replacement. Like TMG, it can be deployed as a reverse-proxy in front of web applications, or as a forward-proxy to protect users browsing the web. In both deployments, it meets and exceeds TMG proxy capabilities in every category – security, performance, reporting, Microsoft infrastructure integration, and more. More than 85% of Fortune 500 organizations choose ProxySG to protect web users and applications. In addition, ProxySG has consistently achieved market leadership recognition by top-tier analyst research, including being positioned in the Leaders Quadrant of the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Secure Web Gateway 2013. If you are looking to replace your TMG proxy, there is no better choice than theBlue Coat ProxySG.

Secure Your Web Usersforward proxy

Secure Web Gateway  helps to protect internal users and networks from spyware and other attacks, enforce appropriate usage policies on Web access and accelerate external Web content. No solution, including Microsoft TMG, matches ProxySG’s comprehensive forward proxy feature set including:

  • URL filtering to block malicious sites and inappropriate content
  • Granular policy controls (YouTube categories, protocol method controls, etc.)
  • Real-time content ratings / dynamic categorization
  • Malware scanning (with Content Analysis System)
  • Web 2.0 (e.g. social media, etc.) application
  • SSL visibility
  • Content caching
  • Flexible user authentication options for identity-based policy
  • Hybrid on-premise/cloud deployment option with unified management
  • Bandwidth management
  • Streaming media acceleration (live video stream-splitting, on-demand video caching, etc.)

Secure Your Web ApplicationsReverse Proxy

Reverse Proxy in the DMZ to isolate web servers from direct Internet access and accelerate web-based applications and public websites.

Reverse-proxy features include:

  • User authentication
  • Web application single sign-on
  • SSL offload
  • Geo-IP based access control
  • Content caching
  • Web application attack protections (DOS, SQL Injection, XSS,
  • null-byte injection, invalid multipart form content, HTTP parameter
  • Pollution, multiple encoding, etc.).
  • Malware scanning of uploaded files
  • Comprehensive access logging options (e.g. policy-based logging)

Key Feature Comparison

Feature Blue Coat Microsoft TMG
Forward and Reverse Proxy Yes Yes
URL Filtering Yes Basic
Youtube Category Support Yes No
Malware Scanning Yes(Choice of vendor) Yes(No choice)
Dynamic Categorization Yes No
Logging and Reporting Yes(Enterprise Class) Basic
SSL Visibility Yes Yes
Content Caching Yes Basic
Streaming Media Acceleration Yes No
Global Intelligence Network Yes No
Web App. Single Sign-On Yes No
Web 2.0 Application Controls Yes No
Full Microsoft Auth. Support Yes Yes
Web App. Attack Defense Yes No

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