Search Engine Optimization Services – A growth strategy for online businesses

SEO111   The main objective of business owning a website is for growth. This begins with internet traffic delivered by Organic traffic via Search engine optimization (SEO) services on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines;  or Pay per click via search engines and other pay per click (PPC) channel; Social Media marketing channels such as facebook, twitter and Linkedin ; Digital display networks such as blog sites, news and other digital media channel.   Business with websites or other forms of online presence would like to know the return on their investments (ROI). This article would delve into the potential ROI issues for Search engine based traffic with respect to search engine optimization or pay per click (paid search results)

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search Engine optimization is my own words is a combination of the art of writing content developed scientifically in a search engine friendly manner. What this means in simple words is “ensuring a website’s content can be found easily when a search related to company’s business is done on Google or other search engines”. The company’s business information could be as basic as the company name. Using Royal Catering Company with a website as an example:  How you feel if your customers search for the term Royal catering Company and your name did not come up as number one or in the top page of a Google Search result? Then what happens when people search for a “catering company” or “food services company” and then your company name shows up.

The first case is a worst case scenario and the latter case is a better or best case scenario for a catering business. Off course there are multiple scenarios in between the two extreme conditions. The former is detrimental to the growth of your business, while every other incremental step towards the latter case is a positive impact to your business. That takes me to the point – growth of an online business using search engine optimization services. Permit me to use the term “Google it”. ‘Google it’ is what millions or billions of internet user do every second when they need to when they need to learn or get information from the internet. How happy would you be if your business is found through the search pages? Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing I assume at this stage, we are getting closer to our business in this article “Search Engine Optimization Services – A growth strategy for online businesses”. Why? There is a common acceptance in businesses that marketing can help grow revenue but not necessarily profits.

Profit as we know in simple terms in the left over from your revenue after deducting other costs – including marketing.  So, I would like us to view search engine optimization as one of our marketing cost not a technical cost. What is important about costs in business is that there should be a positive return on investment (ROI). In some words SEO is also referred to as Search Engine Marketing (SEM), to derive a positive impact on your business you would need to do it right.

Search Engine Optimization – The next steps

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