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Search Engine Optimization services in nigeria

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technique used in Nigeria and all over the world. Google advises that a search engine optimization service company provides clarification to customers about the key SEO techniques used. Royal Coast Technologies provides affordable SEO services and help clients get positive return on investment for our search engine optimization services. We adopt the best of SEO practices as advised by Google and Bing experts. The SEO service is complimented with SEO training that allows organization to continue to keep up with best practices. The simple reason we do this is to ensure a continuous protection of the customer investments on Search engine Optimization.

Search Engine Optimization companies – Key Answers to prospective clients

There are several search Engine Optimization companies all around the world and Nigeria is not an exception. Search Engine Optimization companies are expected to provide various services for their client and Google advises that SEO companies should provide the following services. We have our own answers below

Search Engine Optimization reference sites

A t the time of writing this article, the first client we have are and and (that’s we). Our most ranked keywords for the are some Tecno phone models and online shopping sites in Nigeria. If you find while searching for topics on “search engine optimization in Nigeria” then we can also help your business get to the top (it takes time depending on factors such as your website content, server speed, site layout and design, and other factors). Currently Royalctech is on page 3, but we are optimistic it is gradually on its way to the first page.


Search Engine Optimization best practices

We follow and advise customer to follow only best practices around the optimization of the website and its content. Simply put white-hat techniques. So we do not use black-hat techniques such as keyword stuffing. We deploy SEO tools provided by Google, Bing and other third party tools in the analysis of our customer websites. Our practice starts from your business goals; this leads to keywords that align your business to the SEO objectives. From there we take off, this ensure your rank for relevant keywords.


Search Engine Optimization augmented by pay per click adverts.

We encourage our clients to also make use of paid adverts via Google and Bing. This is a flexible plan to get some traffic to your website while the SEO effort is ongoing. We also enable our SEO clients to track the performance of the adverts. Clients could choose to retain their paid adverts to increase their visibility on the first page. We understand SEO effort takes some time, the time is not fixed. In our experience some keywords have been ranked in a few minutes after the post (this usually occurs if we get the news early – such as the launch of new phone). Sometimes it takes weeks, or months. If such keywords are critical to the business, we do more to optimize till the goal is reached. (This is typical for highly competitive keywords). It is important to note that we cannot give any guarantee of the front page position. This is due to multiple reasons beyond the control of any search engine optimization company

Our Search Engine Optimization industry areas

Currently, we have good exposure to ecommerce and ICT solutions based on our current client profiles. We have the technical knowledge to expand to other areas. Our SEO services could also be deployed for customer outside Nigeria. We value understanding our customer’s business and advising them on best practices for continuous development of the business.

SEO techniques deployed by Royal coast Technologies include:

  1. Traditional On-page SEO concepts
  2. SEO based keyword research
  3. Site architecture/ Code review
  4. Link Building/ Public Relations
  5. SEO measurement
  6. Social Media Content development
  7. Sitemap and Robot.txt file management
  8. SEO page analysis and ranking factor assessment.
  9. Market Intelligence

The list is unending and it depends on the current stage of Search Engine Optimization in the world. There is a need for all Search Engine Companies to upgrade their knowledge in order to get the best from their work on any particular website.


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