Search Engine Optimization Services – A growth strategy for online businesses

SEO111   The main objective of business owning a website is for growth. This begins with internet traffic delivered by Organic traffic via Search engine optimization (SEO) services on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines;  or Pay per click via search engines and other pay per click (PPC) channel; Social Media marketing channels such as facebook, twitter and Linkedin ; Digital display networks such as blog sites, news and other digital media channel.   Business with websites or other forms of online presence would like to know the return on their investments (ROI). This article would delve into the potential ROI issues for Search engine based traffic with respect to search engine optimization or pay per click (paid search results)

Online Marketing for Business growth

online marketing


The digital world is changing and the foot print of access to internet in Nigeria is closely catching up. Is there an online market following up in Nigeria? Many organizations have an answer to this question. In our own opinion the answer is muted. The important aspect is the viewpoint of each business. In this article, we would touch on many areas and provide some insight and allow the readers to make their views known.