Pay Per Click Marketing – Smart online visibility on Search Engines

pay per click



Pay per click (PPC) marketing is a one of the tools of search engine marketing. It is a ‘colleague’ of search Engine Optimization. Pay per click means everything by its words. Pay for every click you get on the search engine. Simply put as a paid search result. The alternative to paid search is organic search built around search engine optimization (SEO). So why is pay per click marketing a smart way, even why you have to pay? Should it not be that SEO is smarter than PPC? The analysis below would guide the business owner on the reasons to go for PPC. Oops, just a reminder pay per click is not limited to search engines. It is also applicable to display advert networks run by Google, Bing, Facebook, yahoo, LinkedIn, Ad dynamo and other marketing platforms. Just that this article is focused on the search engine part of PPC